Preserving the good, promoting responsibility

At the Seiler Hotels, we keep a firm eye on both the past and the future.

Mont Cervin Palace. Hotel Monte Rosa. Two major names which have played an integral role in Zermatt's history. Leading them into the future is the responsibility to which Seiler Hotels in Zermatt are devoted.

Responsibility emanates first and foremost from our legacy. "For the good of our guests" – Alexander Seiler adopted this motto over 160 years ago, when he hosted the first travellers at the Mont Cervin and the Monte Rosa. We aim to continue in the spirit of his hospitality, both today and in future.

However, the unique location of our two establishments also commands a strong sense of responsibility. The idyllic alpine village, the mountains, the surrounding nature – all this bears a charm which we wish to preserve within the hotel walls. Our guests confirm our success in this endeavour time and again – both a reward and incentive for us.